What Is Eye – Gazing?

Through this meditation I am able to view past lives and often receive messages from spirit for you. These messages are from source and our guides. The past lives which come forward offer some insight into our current lives, showing us where some of our past experiences may either be influencing us, and how they may serve us.
This is a two person meditation in which eye-contact is maintained for an extended period of time. Sounds awkward, right? I promise, that feeling passes very quickly, and most are surprised to find there is no awkwardness at all, especially once the gazing begins. There is a serenity in honouring the path of the Spirit, and being witnessed. Eye-Gazing can be accommodated either in-person or via video. I typically start with a 7 – 11 minute gaze for our initial gazing sessions. After the gaze I will share with you the images, past lives, and messages that came forward for you. Very often I will also use Tarot during the summary to gain deeper insight or answer specific questions you may have about the reading.

Gazing requires a minimum of 30 minutes from start to finish. That said, every gazing session I do is completely unique. Because of this, the time required to facilitate the sessions can vary. I recommend everyone start with a 30 minute session and feel out their preference from there.
Over time we can increase the duration of the gazing period for more intense results, or you may find you’d like a longer debrief period afterwards. To accommodate these factors the length of my gazing sessions always remain fluid.

To ensure we make the most of our time together, I offer gazing in combination with Tarot for sessions longer than 30 minutes. These sessions are accommodated either in person or via video reading.

Eye – Gazing Sessions:

1 hour: $175
45 min: $140
30 min: $100 (video only)

Payment Accepted Via PayPal, Credit Card or Interac E-Transfer