How to Recharge Your Crystals


We use crystals, stones, and gems due to their energy properties, but much in the same way that you have to charge your phone or laptop when its battery begins to run low, your crystals need to be recharged as well. We’re going to explore some of the ways you can recharge your crystal using natural energy sources. For each method, we’ll consider the type of energy and the benefits you can receive from recharging your crystal in that manner. Let’s start by briefly considering the different energy types.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Types of Energy

Energy is what the universe is made of subtle vibrations across the fabric of time and space. Everything has energy, from numbers to stars. When you interact with anything or anyone, there is also an energy interaction. When it comes to learning how to recharge your crystal, it’s important to understand that each method will fill your crystal with a different type of energy.

The four elements are a perfect example of just how different energy can be. Earth, wind, fire, and water all contain energy, and yet they couldn’t be more different in form. In many ways, charging your crystal with one energy source over the other could be as different as water to fire.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the different ways you can learn how to recharge your crystal.

Sun Energy

One of the most obvious and commonly used sources of energy is the sun. When you look at the sun from a practical standpoint, it charges everything on Earth: plants, solar panels, and us. Without the sun, we would feel drained, lethargic, depressed, and would probably lose ourselves to madness. The sun is essentially a gigantic ball of energy, and we can feel its warmth simply by sticking our hand into direct sunlight.

You can learn how to recharge your crystal with sun energy quite simply. Direct sunlight works best, but if you live somewhere that’s often cloudy and grey, you can still charge your crystal using non-direct sunlight. To do this, you simply leave your crystal somewhere that is lit up by the sun. This could be a windowsill or somewhere else inside, but don’t feel afraid to leave your crystal out in the elements. After all, it was forged in an environment far less forgiving than your garden.

One important thing to remember relates to the type of energy. If you’re charging your crystal with sun energy, you can’t allow other energies to interact with it. Don’t leave it on the ground, don’t leave it out overnight, and don’t leave it in water. Place your crystal in its position in the morning and then collect it before sunset. This type of energy is powerful, strong, and will allow you to feel excited, determined, and energetic. Any crystal that is transparent will absorb sun energy particularly well. This is especially true of any clear, colorless crystals.

Moon Energy

If you’re interested in learning how to recharge your crystal using moon energy, then you simply repeat the sun energy method but at night. Again, it’s important that you don’t try to recharge your crystal with multiple energies. Ideally, you would leave your crystal in the open somewhere after the sun has set and then collect it again before sunrise.

Moon energy is calmer than solar energy. You may choose to charge your crystal with moon energy if you’re trying to instill a sense of peace and tranquility within yourself. This is perfect if you suffer from anxiety, an overactive mind, or are prone to panic. Certain crystals absorb this energy better than others. Moonstone would be a prime example, but any crystal that is a cloudy white color.

Earth Energy

Every single crystal was formed within the Earth, and so learning how to recharge your crystal with this same energy can be an incredibly useful practice. All crystals can be charged in this manner, but some are better suited to it than others. Obsidian, Agate, Calcite, and any type of Quartz will soak up earth energy like a sponge.

You may be surprised to hear that recharging your crystals with this method is simpler than the previous two approaches, but it can require a little more preparation. The simplest way is to dig a small hole in the ground, bury your crystal, and then dig it up again after a few days. However, many people worry about potentially damaging or losing their crystal, and so there are extra steps that can be taken. You can wrap your crystal in some type of fabric, bury it in a box, or do both. Don’t worry about the fabric or box interfering with energy absorption. Leave it for a few days, maybe even a week, and then dig it back up.

Earth energy, as you may imagine, possesses incredible grounding properties. People choose this energy when they need help seeing the bigger picture. It’s also great at leading us towards manageable goals and objectives, as well as keeping our emotions stable.

Water Energy

Water energy shares traits with all of the energy types we’ve discussed so far. It can help you remain calm in stressful situations, like moon energy. It can make you feel more determined and energetic, like sun energy. And it can help maintain balanced emotions, like earth energy. This makes it sound like the perfect crystal, but there is a catch.

Many crystals can’t absorb water energy, in the same way, the absorb sun, moon, or earth energy. On top of that, some crystals can actually dissolve, disintegrate or become incredibly fragile as a result of getting wet, making water energy recharging quite risky. Moonstone, turquoise, and red coral are just some examples of stone that should be kept well away from water. On top of that, any stone that ends in ‘it’ should also be charged using another method, including calcite and kunzite.

With that in mind, you probably want to learn how to recharge your crystal with this type of energy. Some crystals can be left in water, such as a river, pond, lake, or elsewhere, but the chances of it being damaged or lost are very high. One solution is to collect some natural water (from a river or lake), place your crystal in a sealable plastic bag, and then submerge it in the water for 24-48 hours.